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Mid-Atlantic BioTherapeutics (MABT) was founded in 2011 with the mission of eradicating terrible infectious deseases using a novel, patented technology platform called IMT504. IMT504 harnesses the body’s own immune response to fight off infections that would otherwise be diffucult or impossible to treat. IMT504 has shown impressive results in animal safety and efficacy models, and in humans.

IMT504 is truly revolutionary, proprietary molecule with an impressive safety and immunostimulatory profile in humans and multiple primate models. The immune system-based therapy that IMT504 uses is called “immunotherapy”. Our focus on immunotherapy offers partnering and collaboration opportunities in the area of Infectious Disease applications.

Fundamentally, we are a speciality pharmaceutical company focused on the clinical devolpment and commercialization of a novel anti-infective therapeutic approach, primarily targeting the growing antibiotic resistance problem.

For strategic and commercial reasons, we also apply this approach to rare, viral diseases that nonetheless have a high impact on society. For instance, MABT’s pioneering new therapy is the first to have received a valuable regulatory incentive called Orphan Drug Designation for the US FDA for one such viral disease, Rabies. Orphan Drug Designation offers one strategy for ensuring a more rapid, efficient pathway to FDA approval.

Since the company’s inception, the founders have been responsible for funding the IMT504 technology development, investing over $6M to date. They continue to invest in this promising new therapeutic platform.

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